Video Conference

videoconference_photoToday connectivity is essential- “whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there is a mountain of information and content clamoring for attention. You need to know your message will be clear. People come to Telluride to get away. The catch is that in today’s World the ability to get away often comes with responsibilities that can call on the traveler to interrupt or even cut short vacation plans.

The Telluride Conference Center is proud to announce the addition of a new State-of-the-Art Video Conferencing System. This is a HD (high definition)-compatible, IP-based system that offers dual 46” LCD Flat panel monitors, and supports multi-point conferencing, meaning that if there are more than one site that needs to be included in the conference, the system can support more than six separate outside participating sites.

This addition to the Telluride Conference Center will allow a whole new level of access for vacationers, as well as business meetings. It can allow travelers a possible alternative to forgoing part of their visit to Telluride as a result of a sudden business calendar change that requires presence at a meeting, as well as the panic of having to improvise sessions of business meetings because of business driven calendar crises, and travel snafus that do not allow a presenter to arrive here for their presentations.

This system will be based at the Telluride Conference Center, but, with sufficient notice, can be moved to other venues in the Mountain Village if necessary.